Professional Long Distance Moving Service

When you are moving across state lines, it is important to hire a professional Long-distance moving company. You don't want any of your belongings to get lost or damaged during the move. You also don't want to spend a lot of time and energy on getting everything packed up, organized, and loaded onto the moving truck. You need to focus on your new home, getting settled in, meeting neighbors, making friends with people at work, and getting your family settled. Let us handle the job of transporting all of your belongings safely across state lines, to their new homes with you!

1. Long Distance Home and Apartment  Moves

Long-distance moving for homes and apartments often requires the use of a relocation company, as many neighborhoods have rules about what can be brought into their community. This means that you will need to find movers who are licensed and insured so that they can assist in transporting your belongings from one place to another safely.

2. Long Distance Business Moves

Long Distance Business Moves is the premier provider of business relocation services. We offer comprehensive, customized solutions to meet your unique needs and budget. 

3. Packing & Moving Supplies

We’re here to help you through the process and make it as easy as possible for you. We know that moving is stressful, so we want to take some of the stress off your shoulders by helping with packing and unpacking services. You don’t have to worry about anything – just sit back and relax while we do all the work!

4. Storage Services

We understand that sometimes you have to move but aren't ready to move your household goods to your new home. That's why when you choose to use Atlantis Van Lines for your local moving services. We have storage locations locally based to safely and securely store your items until you are ready to bring them home. Click below to find out more information about our storage services or to reserve space at one of our local storage locations.

Long Distance Home & Apartment Moves

Moving from a house, apartment, or storage cross country in South Florida, Oregon, Washington, or Colorado? Let's get you moving with your free online estimate and some helpful information and tips.

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Long Distance Business Moves

 Long Distance Business Moves is the premier provider of business relocation services. We offer comprehensive, customized solutions to meet your unique needs and budget. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your move goes smoothly and efficiently. You can rest easy knowing that we are here for you 24/7, even on weekends!

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Packing & Packing Materials 

Our professional packers will carefully wrap each piece of furniture in our specially designed protective materials before loading them onto our trucks. After they arrive at your new home, our trained professionals will unpack everything for you – from small items like glasses or dishes to large pieces such as couches or beds – without any damage whatsoever. Let us handle every aspect of the move for you!

Packing Services

Packing your household goods can be a daunting task Let us do it for you. Check out some of the advantages of using Atlantis Van Lines Packing Services.

Packing Materials

We offer a large list of packing materials for sale. If you need small, medium, large and even wardrobe boxes; check out our collection of boxes, blankets, tape and other moving supply products.

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Mike and Ace were outstanding! Very professional and kept in constant communication with delivery time. Would highly recommend! Best movers I’ve ever had!

Scott McHugh

My Testimonial

Mike and Ace were very professional and did an awesome job with my delivery! They kept consistent communication throughout the travel and delivery process. All items were handled with care and they were quick and efficient. I highly recommend this service

Tania Overton

My Testimonial

Ace and Mike did a great job. In and out in no time. Whole crew saved the day. Original moving company never showed up. Thanks guys

David Wells

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