Relocating to a new commercial or residential place can be an extremely daunting task. Regardless of the distance that needs to be covered, the formidable task of moving to a new place requires a lot of time and effort. This stress is aggravated by the concern of the owners to make sure that their valuable items and property arrive at the destination on time and in an intact condition.

The effort to ensure the load is safely transmitted leads to searching for a reliable moving company that can safely transport valuables from one place to another. However, determining which moving service provides the most efficient services at affordable rates can often be a struggle.

Choosing the right mover for your valuables is a massive responsibility, making it incredibly essential to understand the dynamics of the freight mover to ensure you hand over your property and valuables to the right entity for transportation.

Hence, understanding the difference between a brokerage mover and a moving carrier is vital to determine which entity can perform the role most efficiently.


BROKERAGE In simple terms, brokerages are analogous to travel agents in aiding customers to transport their valuables. In such a scenario, neither does the company or agent themselves own any moving trucks or transportation fleet, nor do they hire any moving staff.

By outsourcing the services of other companies, they coordinate the moving of the customer's goods with moving companies instead of physically transporting the freight themselves. The primary role of a freight broker is to connect the moving customers with a carrier company and offer acceptable shipment rates to the mover.

By receiving competitive quotes for transportation from multiple carriers, the broker manages the logistical process of their customers efficiently, making the move relatively easier, thereby reducing the time and effort it would take for the customer to search for a trustable carrier.


In contrast, moving carriers follow a different business model where they have their own resources to provide moving services to the customers and hence directly handle the transportation of the shipment without any external intrusions. A single carrier service owns their personal moving van and truck fleets, hires in-house moving staff and drivers, and facilitates all the transportation moves themselves, making the process inherently clear.

Rather than juggling between various entities, the customer solely relies on one company that has been chosen to transport their belongings.

Getting your goods transported directly from a carrier provides a straightforward and convenient experience since there is only one company responsible from the time the goods are loaded until they reach their destination.

Below are some of the key differences between the services offered by the brokers and carrier companies.


While the carrier company takes direct charge to handle the transportation of the customer's shipment, a brokerage essentially performs the role of middlemen. The moving brokers primarily connect the customer with the carrier company responsible for delivering the goods and assets from one place to another.


The two entities are profoundly different regarding their liability to the shipper when the goods are in transit.

When a moving carrier transports the belongings, a contract is formed per the shipper load and count, assigning the entire responsibility of the freight from the time it was picked up till delivery to the shipper or the carrier company. This means the carrier would be accountable for any loss or damage that might occur during the transportation of the freight.

This is vastly different from the case of a freight broker who would not be liable for any damages or loss of the load during shipping. However, if any such situation is encountered, it is the ethical obligation of the broker to aid the customers in the recovery of their belongings.


Carriers that own their own assets and resources, including the trucks, containers, storage facilities, and other support equipment to transport the shipment of their customers, tend to be more reliable. This is because they do not depend on external entities and take absolute legal charge for the liability of the freight.

This, on the flip side, is not the case with a brokerage carrier. Since they do not have individual possession of any equipment, and they have an absolute reliance on third parties to transport the goods, they tend to have a questionable reliability. However, what keeps them going is their ability to maintain exceptional relationships with service providers, and develop trust and negotiate reasonable rates with the customers.


Most moving carriers operate on a relatively smaller scale, with fleets covering a specific geographical location and tend to cover limited routes.

On the other hand, brokerage movers work with a large network of available, independently operated, fleet-based carrier companies, and hence, are able to offer greater flexibility of routes. Relative to individual carrier companies, they are able to transport to even far away destinations depending on the requirements of the customer.

By establishing mutually beneficial relationships with local shippers and carriers, the brokerages are able to provide greater flexibility to their customers, with the added advantage of operating at remote locations.


Hiring a moving carrier to assist customers in the relocating endeavor profoundly eases the strenuous process. If you're looking for a consistent, convenient, and risk-free experience without getting into the hassle of connecting with multiple intermediaries, using a carrier service is the optimal option.


When you connect with a moving carrier company, the entire chain of representatives that come to your place on the moving day all represent the same company and are liable to answer to the company.

Since the company's departments are fluently interconnected, and the tasks are well allocated among the various domains, all the staff members working for the carrier company are aware of their responsibilities. Furthermore, as these carrier companies do not have to coordinate with other moving companies, it mitigates the chances of risks and miscommunications to occur, making the moving process a smooth endeavor.


When you hire a moving carrier company, the professionals are hired to aid you to make your move seamless.

One of the most tedious tasks during moving is to heedfully pack all the belongings, making sure everything is packed properly and is not damaged during relocation. Professional movers that are hired have sound knowledge and skills of the packaging. From packing all your belongings quickly and efficiently to taking care of the fragile valuables, the team ensures everything is transited safely.

Their job doesn't end here; unloading and unpacking all the belongings for you, the professional movers help save you considerable time and energy.


Moving a house can undoubtedly be a strenuous task, and with so much to already deal with, it becomes imperative to have someone to rely on to manage things efficiently and take some stress off your shoulders.

This becomes especially pertinent when you're in a time crunch to move from one place to another and have tons of other tasks aligned that need to be completed. In such a case, scheduling a booking with a moving company ensures that the staff reaches on time and takes responsibility for packing, loading, and transporting your belongings to the destination on time.


Often, customers are faced with the need to store their belongings in a safe space for some time before they are safely transported to the new destination.

Since moving carrier companies own sufficiently large warehouses to cater to the needs of their customers, storing their belongings at their storage units is not a hassle.

Depending on the type of moving company hired, the services offered by the storage facilities tend to vary. At Atlantis Van Lines, our state-of-the-art storage units with optimum facilities make them an extremely convenient option for our customers. In addition, with 24 hours surveillance and utmost security, customers can rely on our storage units to keep their belongings safe.


Hiring a carrier moving service comes with many advantages, including the assurance that your valuables are being handed over in safe hands and your assets would be protected under legal contracts.

Hiring a reputable moving company ensures that your assets are under the protection of a trustable company and guarantees safe transportation. Before the moving process commences, professional moving companies sign legal contracts with their customers, ensuring the safe transmission of the belongings. In addition, in the case of any damaged or lost property, the moving company would take complete charge of the loss, covering any costs entailed.


Moving to a new place means you need to transport massive volumes of items to your new home. Doing this on your own or even making use of unprofessional staff to do this is clearly not a wise choice.

It’s ideal to assign this job to those who can best perform it. With a professional moving service, the staff ensures that your belongings are handled with utmost care. More so, they use professional tools to avoid any damage to your valuables. When taking out large furniture and fittings, proper care is taken to ensure there are no collisions with the walls or door frames. Floor runners to protect the floors and custom fit rail coverings to prevent damages to the staircase are used.

Furthermore, during the transportation process, the staff ensures all the assets are properly set and secured in the trucks to prevent any collisions that might damage any fragile items.


An essential concern in the minds of many customers is the cost associated with hiring movers. However, despite having to pay the moving company's fees, it is essential to understand the significant role professional movers play in transporting your possessions to your new home.

DIY moving can cost you a lot of time, energy, and effort that go into safely packing and transporting your belongings. With a reliable company hired, you can relieve yourself of the extra stress associated with packing and moving your items. You wouldn't have to worry about purchasing tons of bubble wrap, packing equipment, cartons, and labeling markers to perform the task of packing your belongings and how they would reach your new house on time.


Whether you're relocating your business or house within the vicinity of Oregon or are in search of a long-distance moving company to transport your valuables to the new site miles away, we, at Atlantis Van Lines, ensure to make your move a hassle-free and seamless task.

With an experience of over 20 years, our professional staff of packers, movers, and drivers have the incredible skills to safely transport your goods to the destination, keeping punctuality of time and protection of your goods an utmost priority.

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