Regardless of whether you are planning to move due to a new job opportunity or to attend college, moving can be pretty stressful. Now add the distance factor to this scenario, and the whole experience might seem daunting. However, it does not necessarily have to be that way, provided you have a professional and dedicated team by your side.

Unlike local moves, a long-distance move is when you have to move your valuables across state lines. Long-distance moving also referred to as interstate moving or cross-country moving, is transporting household goods and/or personal properties from one destination to another.

In a long-distance move, you’re not just moving your possessions within the same city, town, or municipality; instead, you’re relocating your belongings from one state or province to another and with great distance.

There are many aspects of long-distance moving that you must keep in mind to ensure that your belongings arrive safely and on time at the destination.

When it comes to long-distance moves, there are a few things you should know about the costs involved. If you’re not aware, continue to read ahead to find out more.


Following are some of the factors to keep in mind that affect the cost of moving:

#1 Quantity of Goods

Most moving companies have a fleet of vehicles of different sizes to help you choose the one that fulfills your requirements. The weight and the quantity of the boxes are essential in determining how much space the items will take up. You can use this as an indicator in deciding the type of pricing you wish to move forward to help you transport the goods. In addition, knowing what fulfills your requirements is the key, and doing a little homework can help you save big bucks.

While moving, make sure to sort out items that are important and items that you no longer require since the volume of goods will determine the cost of transport. Dumping everything in a box will just make the move heavier and expensive. Instead, selling these goods might be a good idea as it will help you manage the transport cost; get rid of stuff you no longer require as well as lessen the required number of laborers. It will also help you to reduce the overall volume of goods you ought to take along.

Note that some moving companies package their services in terms of square feet or cubic feet. Make sure to keep this in mind while hiring the service and convert accordingly for a better cost estimate.

#2 Quality of Packing

The second factor that ultimately determines the cost of the transport is the packaging quality. It greatly depends upon the material used and insurance coverage. For the materials, companies have a range of options to help pack and protect delicate items from breaking and getting damaged, from cartons, corrugated boxes, hard carton tape, plastic wraps, to other protective materials. In addition, proper labeling can be done to avoid the mismatching of items and to ensure safe delivery. The insurance coverage also varies based on the weight of the items.

Your valuables and fragile household items like furniture, kitchen appliances, glassware, and cherished family heirlooms need extra care. These things are sensitive to fine touch and can be damaged if handled carelessly.

This is why you need an expert long-distance moving service that is reliable and cautious while shifting your stuff.

#3 Vehicle Type

There are different types of vehicles you can use for long-distance moving. One of these is the trailers hooked to a semi-truck. If you are moving across the state and carrying items in abundance, this is the best option. Not as fast, but it will get your stuff delivered safe and on time. The trailer has a flat deck with gigantic space that can hold your valuables.

Another option is a box truck, though it is smaller in size but is faster, cheaper, and a viable option for you to consider if you are not carrying stuff in abundance.

After you have chosen the right long-distance moving company, you will be able to begin planning your move. However, it is essential to keep in mind that hiring the right moving company is just the first step of the process. You would need to take some additional steps to ensure your valuables reach the destination safely, like packing, preparing, and labeling your belongings properly, coordinating with the movers to sort out fragile items from others, and more.

#4 Manpower

The manpower required to load and unload the possessions depends upon your load and how quickly you want to wrap up the moving process. Usually, a moving company allots a team of two to six men to assist you, which is resourceful if you are not in a hurry. But if you are, you may request additional team members to speed up the process but mind you; it will add up to the cost of the move. So, when you plan to move, make sure you plan in advance, so you do not need to hurry at the eleventh hour.

#5 Fragile Items

There may be certain items like decorative pieces, antique items, and others that will require additional care and special handling. Companies may charge you a special fee for handling these items as they will have to take extra care of these items and place them safely. The amount of the fee depends upon the type of item, its size, and weight, in addition to the labor involved. Such special items will be handled carefully with maximum protection so that your valuables are not damaged.

Instruments like pianos, for instance, require care to be safely delivered to the new location, and your respective hired service provider may charge an additional fee for such an item. Professional movers are trained to delicately handle such items and avoid scratching or scuffing them, so prepare yourself for the extra cost.


Storage facilities are the best option to keep your things safe until you reach the new destination. It lowers the risk of theft and damage to a great extent. Long-distance movers provide these facilities but make sure you discuss this option upfront, so there are no hidden charges.



Do you want to move from Oregon to Los Angeles, but you don’t know how? Are you worried about things going wrong because you have heard too many negative stories? What steps should you take to ensure everything goes well?

Here is where moving companies come into the picture. Choose a reliable and professional long-distance moving company, and all your moving-related problems will be taken care of.


Some skilled and professional movers provide numerous services when moving across the country. Researching different kinds of moving companies is essential when you are planning your move as a significant difference in price and service can be a major factor. For example – is fuel-surcharge added in the initial quote, or is it an actual expense that would be incurred after the process is completed? A professional moving company in such a scenario will keep you informed beforehand.


A lot of people who move seem to underestimate the cost of renting a moving truck. While it is true that you can find smaller trucks, you have to remember that you will have to return the vehicle empty, which means you will be paying extra just because you did not fill up the entire truck. This could potentially take hundreds of dollars out of your budget. A moving company does not necessarily charge you that.


When you hire a long-distance moving company, they drive to your site, pack, load, and drive off to the new destination and, upon reaching, unload all of your belongings. Then, all you have to do is show up and move in with all of your belongings in it. You can sleep peacefully through the night knowing your items are in safe hands and will not be jostled around as you travel to your new destination.


Let’s face it, moving is difficult. Even if you are one of those lucky people who relish packing, loading a truck, driving cross country, and organizing a new place, chances are that you will feel overwhelmed at some point throughout the entire process. On the contrary, professional movers can make the entire process much smoother by taking out the stress from the equation.


According to the American Moving and Storage Association, based on a 7,400-pound average moving weight, the average cost of a local household relocation is $2,300 and $4,300 for a long-distance move.


Moving is both stressful and expensive, but it does not necessarily have to be stressful. Hiring the right service can bring you peace of mind knowing that your items are in the hands of professionals, safe and secure.

It is important to do your research and plan ahead in time to make sure you are getting the best rates possible and budget accordingly before the big move date.

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