If you are someone who is planning to move, then you must be aware of the fact that moving is not as easy as it's made out to be. One important aspect of moving is the cost you will have to bear among the other grand scheme of things. Hence, the question that arises here among many individuals is, how much should local moving cost?

Moving costs primarily depend on the distance covered by the movers. It should not cost you much if you're moving within the city, considering how the mover will not have to go on a longer route.

However, several elements come into play when determining the cost for local moving. For instance, you could either choose professionals or simply book a pickup truck and move your stuff yourself; each option comes with its set of pros and cons.

This blog will walk you through the average local moving cost of movers and the type of moving assistance that would best fit your needs to work through the budget you have set aside.

Also, note that final prices may vary due to multiple factors, including the lack of truck drivers in the state, the load being moved, and more.

Pricing Factors

The following are some of the essential cost factors considered by moving companies:

  • The size of your room/house

  • The distance between pickup and delivery site

  • The moving date

  • Additional services such as packing, assembling, storage, and so on

  • The weight of your items

Breaking Down the Average Cost of Movers

If you've reached a point where you've found a new house and are looking for movers, then continue to read ahead to understand the average costs of relocating within Oregon in particular.

  • Intrastate/Local Moves

These moves can vary from city to city, depending on where you plan on moving. There are about two different cost ranges estimated for this kind of move.

On average, the costs associated with moving are $1400; however, this figure may range between $1000-$4000. This average cost estimate is for a two-person moving team completing a local move of fewer than a hundred miles.

Ensure that you inquire the company in-person about their estimate so that you do not get an unpleasant surprise on the day of moving.

You may expect to spend between $115 and $130 per hour for the assistance of two movers. You'll additionally have to pay around $50 per hour for each extra mover you hire. Keep in mind that many local movers calculate costs based on weight and mileage fees for intrastate moves of more than 50 miles. As a result of the small distance, intrastate weight-based movements cost between $1,000 and $3,000.

  • The Average Cost Of Movers: Per Hour Costs

Here's a detailed breakdown of what per hour costs you can expect when hiring movers

  • Two movers charge about $106 per hour for a studio apartment.

  • For one-bedroom, two movers will cost you $106/hr

  • For one large bedroom, three movers will cost you $147/hr

  • For two bedrooms, three movers will cost you $147/hr

  • For three bedrooms, four movers will cost you $189/hr

  • For four bedrooms, four movers will cost you $189/hr

The estimated per hour cost takes into account the fact that movers will come with trucks.

At the end of it all, you still need to have a face-to-face meeting with your moving company. Doing so will help you navigate the cost plan they have for you, and on top of that, you can also ask them questions relevant to your move.

Costs Associated With a Move

Earlier, we discussed the average per hour and total costs for a local move, but it does not end there. With moving comes additional costs that you may be overlooking. Several other things may need to be done, and you only realize that at the last hour.

It is not a pleasant feeling to figure out costs when you're in the middle of the moving process. However, this is why we suggest that you look into costs beforehand so that your mind is at ease with whatever amount you are about to spend later at the time of your move.

  • Moving Supplies

Moving goods, such as boxes, binding tape, moving pads, and packing sheets, are among the most basic relocation expenses. These items will be required to carry your possessions and furnishings to your new home.

To save money, you could ask your friends and family members to help with the supplies in scenario if they moved recently. You may also visit Facebook groups to see if someone is giving these products away or selling them cheaply.

  • Movers and Packers Services

Another factor that you must incorporate into your budget (especially if you plan on hiring a mover to pack and unpack your home) is whether you need additional services or not. This may include packing and unpacking your home.

If you find yourself too caught up in work or do not have the time to pack the house, you could always outsource the packing. You will need to hire movers or use extended services offered by your service provider.

Average mover's and packers costs are typically determined by how much material there is to pack and how heavy it is. The prices may average up to $2,300 and above, especially if you choose special services like full-service movers.

If you end up hiring yourself a packer, then make sure you're aware of what their policies state about packing the house because some companies hold on to the materials for a brief period before delivering and unloading it. Therefore, it's advised that you must always pack essential items yourself.

  • Specialty Moving Cost For Large Items

If you have heavy or oversized items like pianos, animal enclosures, swings, or monkey bars, you will likely be charged an additional fee for these items. The specialty service providers may cost you up to $500-$2000 on top of your moving costs.

  • Spending On A Good Moving Company

When it comes down to choosing a professional moving company, getting the best service at the lowest possible price isn't always easy. But many people make the mistake of trying to save the money which they could otherwise have spent on a good moving company.

Low-cost and cheap movers often cost you more than you may think because you can't assess the risk beforehand; what if they damage your goods during the move?

Although you wouldn't want to spend an extra hundred dollars on your movers, it still is recommended since a good company will guarantee the protection of your goods.

  • Acquiring Moving Insurance

Although most movers would take care of your possessions, accidents sometimes can happen, and things break, which is why it is suggested that you acquire insurance before you let the movers touch your things.

The majority of moving companies will provide insurance alternatives, allowing you to pick how much you need to purchase based on how much you have to move and the value of your belongings.

  • Paying For Separate Movers To Handle Your Valuables

If you own valuable items like a prized work of art or a decorative piece that is prone to damage, you will require trained moving professionals to handle the job. These professionals have the right experience, tools, and packaging for your pieces—this is much better than risking it by letting regular brokers handle it.

If the company you've hired to move your stuff offers this service, this may cost you less than other options you may have to explore, such as hiring packing specialists.

  • Reassembling Your Furniture

Although you might have dissembled your furniture, it isn't exactly easy to put it all back together. You might need to hire someone to do it for you, which means you will have to bear extra charges.

Not everyone looks into this option since most people do everything by themselves to avoid adding on extra costs, but if you do need one, then you need to consider speaking to your movers to learn whether they can assist you with such requirements or not.

The Takeaway!

Although moving often becomes a cumbersome process, it does not necessarily have to be expensive. We have compiled a list of hidden and nonhidden costs that you may have to incur while moving locally from your old home into a new one.

Hence before you hire movers, you must know the current average costs of moving as well as the additional costs associated with it.

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